History of the Palace


     The palace was built for von Schönermarkt family in the second half of the 19th century. The Palace of Borek Strzeliński uses the Neo- Renaissance style and some Gothic elements. In the recent times, it has been home to the local State farm and later for the communal kindergarten.  The restoration of the Palace lasted over one year and finally finished in 2013. From the east, we may notice a small vestibule with a square tower that has been recently added. The elevation of the residence presents the variety of architectural decorative details such as cornices, pilasters, moldings and panels     curved with great precision. At the north of the palace, there is a park dominated by the leafy tree-stand including  oaks, lindens and Platanuses acerifolia. At the south of the residence, there is a courtyard of the former farm with its surrounding buildings. The Palace and the park are listed on the register of monuments.





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